Welcome to VK Tetra – the home of Amateur TETRA radio in Australia.

I’m Craig – VK2CJC. I built Australia’s first amateur radio Tetra gateway, and have since been working with fellow amateurs to expand the network of Tetra gateways and repeaters in Australia.

The VK Tetra network is an amateur radio network of linked Tetra gateways and repeaters. The network allows you to use commercial grade Tetra radios such as the Motorola MTH800, MTM800e or Sepura STP or SRG range of radios to talk to other armatures both here in Australia, and overseas.

Take a look at the current gateway map to see if an existing gateway already exists near you, or why not build your own gateway by following the Build your own gateway guide.

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Latest News

10th January 2023

Happy new year all! I’ve relocated to Brisbane from Sydney, which means the Sydney gateway (VK2CJC-L) has also relocated to Brisbane. It’s now providing coverage on the North Eastern side of the city.

There’s also work happening in Victoria to get a gateway up and running there too.

24th October 2022

We’re edging ever closer to Christmas! Where has this year gone?

The European side of the Amateur Tetra network has grown substantially since May. Be sure to check out the European Dashboard here: http://leipzig2000.dyndns.org:4047/

A big thanks to Scott (VK7HSE) for flagging a broken link in the Building your own gateway guide! This has now been fixed and points to a page where you can always obtain the latest image. Improvements are forever being made by the team and therefore its strongly recommended that you always run the most up to date version of the gateway software.

I have a few Tetra portables and mobile radios available for purchase if you’d like to get involved and join in on the Tetra fun.

1st May 2022

Lewys’s gateway has been relocated to Olympic Park, NSW and is now providing excellent coverage across North, South, West and parts of Eastern Sydney.

There are plans to install a Tetra Repeater at this location, which would provide Tetra portable to portable coverage over a large area of Sydney.

You can check out the new gateway here: Olympic Park Gateway – VK2EVA-L – VK TETRA

2nd December 2021

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the Year!

Recent additions to the VK Tetra network include linking the Australian DMR (Brandmeister), P25 and Analogue talkgroup 50525, which is accessible from Tetra on TG 505902.

We’ve also added a Belgium link, which is accessible via Tetra TG 206.

I still have a few MTM800e’s left if you’re thinking of building your own gateway and joining in on the fun! Check out the Radios for sale page for details.

I’ve also updated the build your own gateway instructions to link to the Github repository that contains the most up to date details on installing SVXLink on Debian. Of course, i’d recommend running your SVXLink node on a Raspberry Pi where possible, but it’s always nice to have the option!

The VK Tetra Forum is there if you get stuck too.

1st September 2021

Jim (VK4YAE) will be up and running with a gateway north of Brisbane soon! We also have Josh VK2GUM working on building a gateway in Western Sydney too.

There are still a few gateway and portable TETRA radios left for sale! You can snap these up on the Radios for sale page.

The VK Tetra Forum is now available too! Go check it out and register.

4th August 2021

Earnest’s gateway (VK2ERG-L) is now live out near Kellyville, NSW! That brings the total number of VK Tetra gateways in operation to 5.

I have a limited number of both gateway and portable radios for sale so you can build your own gateway and get up and running on the network! Step by step instructions on building your own gateway from start to finish are available here too.

I look forward to welcoming more amateur tetra radio operators on to the network soon!

3rd August 2021

Scott’s gateway (VK7HSE-L) near Hobart, Tasmania is now live! We also have a gateway in China that’s now live too. Check out the dashboard for further information.

1st August 2021

I now have a number of Tetra radios for sale that are all suitable for the VK Tetra network. If you’ve been wanting to build your own gateway, or purchase a radio and get on the network, be sure to check out the Radios for sale page.

18th July 2021

Our first Tasmanian Tetra gateway will be online in the coming weeks! Scott (VK7HSE) will be hosting a Tetra gateway in Kingston, just south of Hobart. You can check out the projected coverage and gateway details on the VK7HSE-L gateway page.

Talkgroups have also been finalised for Australia. You can view the updated talkgroup info on the Talkgroups page.

15th June 2021

Amateur Tetra radio is now up and running in Sydney in two locations! The Sydney gateway provides Tetra coverage throughout the Sydney CBD, lower north shore and surrounds. The Parramatta gateway provides Tetra coverage in and around Parramatta CBD and surrounds.

Don’t have a Tetra radio yet? You can use a P25 radio via P25 talk group 10444 which is bridged to Tetra talk group 505901.

Don’t have a P25 radio either? No problem! You can even use Echolink to talk on the Tetra Network! Simply connect to Echolink node 475538.

Australian Amateur TETRA gateways

About TETRA Radio

TETRA radio is similar to P25 and DMR in that it is a digital mode that utilises 4 timeslots per channel. TETRA offers a range of services on top of the usual push to talk, including SMS, private calling, PSTN calling, APRS integration and more.

If you’re interested in purchasing a TETRA radio to use the system, take a look at the purchasing guide which contains a wealth of information to get you up and running.

Keen to build your own gateway and provide amateur TETRA services in your area? Take a look at the build guide, and get in touch via the Contact Me page for help.