The VK Tetra network utilises the excellent Tetra branch of SVXLINK, and is part of a broader network of Tetra reflectors spread out throughout Europe and the UK.

The Tetra 505 reflector runs in Amazon Web Services, and is the centralised part of the VK tetra network. The 505 reflector runs SVXLINK reflector, and provides connectivity to local SVXLINK nodes, Echolink, a P25 bridge and access to the broader Tetra network via talk groups 91, 208, 214, 226, 235 and 262.

A full list of talkgroups is available on the Talkgroups page.

Local SVXLink nodes Vk2CJC-L, VK2EVA-L, VK7HSE-L and VK2ERG-L connect to the 505 reflector via the internet, and to the APRS network to provide GPS location information for connected portable and mobile radios.

The Echolink bridge allows anyone with an Echolink account to talk on the 505 Tetra and P25 network. Simply connect to node 475538 from your Echolink client.

The P25 bridge runs SVXLINK USRP, and connects the P25 network on talk group 10444 to the 505901 Tetra network talkgroup. Simply key up on P25 talk group 10444 to communicate on Tetra 505901

VK Tetra Network Diagram

As the network grows and expands, this diagram will be updated to include any changes.